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Aloha, It's your mentor Cam!

I teach people how to create profitable online businesses by promoting health + sustainability with the most healing and hydrating water!


if you were given a once in a life time opportunity that required a one time investment but would indefinitely transform your health, your finances, and your overall state of freedom - would you take it? or would you choose to act of out of fear?

After giving birth to Logan, I knew that I wanted to continue working in the holistic industry but also stay at home with my family. I needed to find a way to earn income and make an impact at the same time. 


Beginning my career with Enagic was a no brainer. We initially invested in our Kangen water ionizer just for the benefits of the water. Then I found out I could become a distributor and begin creating a 6 figure biz with Enagic. #generationalwealth


It's such a blessing to be able to earn 4 figure days and be at home with my little one. Being an Enagic distributor, I can share this water with people around the world plus coach them on how they can too. 

All because I said yes to this opportunity. 

Yes to my family's health.

Yes to financial freedom

Yes to building generational wealth.

Yes to promoting true health and wellness throughout the world.


is simply in owning your own Kangen Water machine. There are many ways to finance your machine too!


No experience needed, all training provided.

No huge social media following needed. 

1 on 1 coaching from me.

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