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By Camryn Byer Registered Nutritionist And Wellness Mom Of Two

Sakara Review 2024

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My Sakara Review For 2024

Over the last few years, you’ve probably seen or heard about Sakara Life. Lots of people in the online wellness space have nothing but great things to say about Sakara’s meals and supplements. Well I’ve tried Sakara multiple times and today we are going to discuss if Sakara is really worth it. 


The most recent Sakara Nutrition Program I’ve tried is the January Reset 2024. They gave us two options to reset this year— Balance or Burn. I’ve been on a weight loss journey over the past few months so of course I had to try The Burn for starting off the New Year. Even though the sweet treat in the Balance program looked appetizing, I stuck with Burn this time around.

As a registered nutritionist and someone who is on a weight loss journey, making sure I get quality and adequate protein + fiber in my diet is key. Including balanced and nourishing meals that are also satiating is key too. What makes a meal satiating? Unprocessed Whole Foods that are higher in that protein and fiber to help you feel full throughout the day. 

My biggest concern (and some of my community members) when I first started these Sakara Nutrition Programs is that I wouldn’t be able to meet my dietary needs and be satiated. To my surprise most of the Sakara meals left me feeling energized AND full. This is because Sakara includes some plant-based ingredients to improve satiety. Now if you’ve read my 2023 Sakara reviews or have seen my Instagram stories, you would know that I’ve included fish in some meals. This is to help me reach my own personal dietary needs — and yes, there were a few lunch meals where I included some fish on the January reset. My favorite meals would be the H2O Glow Salad which has protein-rich white beans. I also enjoyed the Clean Protein Vanilla Green Smoothie which has 25g of protein. The Grilled “Cheeze” with Caramelized Onions paired with the Rustic Tomato Soup was also delicious! 

Sakara Reviews
Sakara Reviews
Sakara Discount Code

A Day Of Sakara Meals

Breakfast - Sakara's Clean Protein Plant Smoothie

Lunch - Sesame Citrus Glow Salad with Detox Tea

Dinner - Rustic Tomato Soup with Grilled "Cheeze"

Along with Sakara Probiotics.

Sakara Life Reviews

Is Sakara Worth It?

I’ve always shared my authentic and honest opinion in this space and within our community. Short answer: Yes! I believe Sakara can be a great tool to help you get back on track with clean eating habits. Let’s say you’ve just gotten back from vacation or need to prepare for a wedding. Try Sakara and go for it. Would I recommend Sakara meals every week? No, I don’t think it’s practical and it would honestly break the bank. I do think Sakara Supplements, Metabolism Powder, and Granola would be great for daily use.

Sakara Coupon Code 2024

My Sakara Life Coupon

How To Get A Sakara Discount Code?  

If you’re looking for a Sakara discount in 2024 – I’ve got you covered. Feel free to use my code CAMRYNSAKARA for 20% off your orders. Let me know how you like the meals and if you think Sakara is worth it!!

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