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By Camryn Byer Registered Nutritionist And Wellness Mom Of Two

Dive into sustainable luxury with The Beach People - a beach brand dedicated to creating innovative products that enhance your beach days and last for years. Explore their eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices.


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The Beach People Discount And Review

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The Beach People: Eco-Luxe Beach Products

Most of you know that our family goes back and forth between Hawai’i and the mainland. When we are here in Hawai’i – going to the beach is almost a daily activity and having eco-friendly beach products are a must! The Beach People creates sustainable, luxurious and innovative products for all the sea lovers in the world.

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Our family has a few items from The Beach People that are essentials for every beachside adventure. The kiddos dig for treasure and make “soup” with The Kids Beach Toy Set while hubby and I sunbathe on our Sand-Free Cabana Towels. Their Cabana Towels are made from 100% soft cotton with a flat woven, sand repellent top and absorbent terry toweling underneath for drying.


Today I’ll be sharing My Top Picks which includes the pieces I already have plus my wishlist. Honestly if I could have one of everything – I would!

The Beach People Kids Toy Set
Camryn byer
Kids Beach Toy Set 1.webp

Kids Beach Toy Set

Camryn's Top Pick!

Whether you’re building a sandcastle or digging for hidden treasure, the Children's Beach Toy Set is a must-have for your little adventurers. Eco-friendly and fun for the whole family, made from unbleached compostable bamboo and bio-plastic, with a hemp rope handle.

Kids Beach Toy Set 2.webp
Sand-Free Cabana Towel 1.webp

The Beach People Sand-Free Cabana Towel

Earth-friendly, fade-resistant and most importantly sand repellent, the Cabana Towels will transform your beach days. You have to try this revolutionary towel on your next beach day!

The Beach People Picnic Basket

The Beach People Picnic Basket

Camryn's Top Pick!

The Picnic Basket of your dreams! Complete with a fully insulated basket to keep your drinks and snacks cool, and a wooden cheese board for a lid. What more could you need? 

The Beach People Picnic Basket 1
Aruba Straw Hat 1.webp

Aruba Straw Hat

The ultimate in wide-brimmed sun protection, their Aruba Straw Hat was designed for long beach days, lounging by the pool and even gardening at home. The Aruba Strat Hats are made by hand, each piece is unique. Therefore there will be slight variations in shape and color.

The Beach People Wet Bucket

The Beach People Wet Bucket

Your family beach adventures just got a whole lot better (and easier!) Introducing their first Wet Bucket, made from flexible biodegradable EVA material, resistant to UV rays, with durable handles for easy carrying. Designed to fit everything you need, including all the kids’ wet togs, beach toys, and towels - what more could you want!

Wet Bucket 2.webp
La Sola Sarong .webp

The La Sola Sarong

A chic and timeless seaside accessory, The La Sola Sarong was made for beach days, seaside getaways and poolside cocktails. Designed in Australia, made from 100% organic soft voile cotton, with an exclusive print illustrated in-house. The Beach People’s sarongs are luxuriously soft and lightweight, designed for easy, quick-drying.

How To Use My Discount For The Beach People?

Feel free to use my discount CAMRYNBYER for 10% off The Beach People at checkout!

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