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By Camryn Byer Registered Nutritionist And Wellness Mom Of Two

Read all about my 30-Day trial with the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket. Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with the HigherDose Sauna Blanket - the perfect at-home infrared device for a healthier body and a happier mind. Plus learn how you can save 15%.

HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket Reviews

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Embrace the HigherDose Sauna Blanket for a Healthier Body and a Happier Mind.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Sauna Blanket from HigherDOSE, I’m here to put you on! But first — let’s talk about what I’ve experienced over these last 30 days. 


I’ve dealt with some on and off inflammation in my body after having our second child. The best option for treating the inflammation has been through intuitive eating, mindful movement, ionized water, and quality sleep (when I can). I was skeptical in the beginning about this wellness tool but I’m ALWAYS open to trying holistic ways to reduce inflammation and joint pain - this is where the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket comes in.

The HigherDose Sauna Blanket is an innovative at-home infrared device that promotes body rejuvenation, mental relaxation, and mood enhancement. Speaking of relaxation, the moment I get under I feel like I could fall asleep. Whenever I’ve just completed a workout this sauna blanket helps speed up the recovery process and burn even more calories.

Hot and steamy – I will warn you about how hot this blanket can get. I would recommend starting off at level 6 or 7 and then work your way up to level 8. The first few days of this 30 day challenge I stayed at level 7 because it was the most comfortable heat for my body. Then I gradually increased the heat to level 8. You might want to grab the organic cotton sweat-absorbing Towel Insert because YOU WILL SWEAT LIKE CRAZY!!

Experience ultimate relaxation with the HigherDose Sauna Blanket.
Discover the perfect way to unwind with the HigherDose Sauna Blanket!

The HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket offers amazing mental relaxation benefits. As a mom of two, I need my time, you know? This special time is for me to pause, lower cortisol levels, and completely let go of stress. HigherDOSE mentions getting high naturally and I have definitely experienced that “natural high” with this sauna blanket.

Is The HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket Worth It?

After using this blanket for 30 days, I feel completely rejuvenated! The deep heat has helped increase my blood flow and circulation. This has been a game changer for improving my overall health and wellness. I’ve been telling my clients that the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket is an investment that truly works wonders, heating up quickly and providing amazing results. You can transform your heat therapy routine with the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket. 

Is the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket Safe For Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women?

HigherDOSE does not recommend using the sauna blanket while pregnant or breastfeeding. I wouldn’t recommend it while pregnant for sure and I would consult with your doctor before starting any heat therapy practice.

How much does a HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket cost?

The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket is a workout without working out. As of 2024, the price is set at $699 without a sweat-absorbing Towel Insert. If you’d like to save 15% on your purchases, enter my HigherDOSE discount code CBHD15 at checkout!

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Welcome to the High Life - HigherDOSE Best Sellers

At HigherDOSE, self-care transcends boundaries. Their range of portable wellness tools promises a journey to your highest state from the comfort of your home. Happy DOSE-ing!

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