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By Camryn Byer Registered Nutritionist And Wellness Mom Of Two


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My LoveBird Cereal Review
Nourish Your Body with Lovebird Organic Cereal: Grain-Free & No Refined Sugar

LoveBird Cereal Camryn Byer
LoveBird Cereal
LoveBird Cereal Reviews - Camryn Byer

When it comes to preparing breakfast, I typically cook some pasture-raised eggs on sourdough with berries or oats with cinnamon and coconut oil. On the weekends I will prepare some protein pancakes from scratch or a yogurt bowl with honey and berries. But what about those busy on the go days? Well, we aren’t really a cereal eating kind of family because most cereal contain loads of sugar and artificial ingredients. I have discovered a brand of organic cereal that is super clean and nutrient dense with minimal ingredients: Cassava, Coconut, Honey, Coconut Sugar, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt. Literally all the ingredients listed are very simple and on the front of the box.

Say hello to Lovebird Cereal! Lovebird’s mission is to clean up junk food with real food from earth, lightly sweetened by nature, and fight childhood cancer by giving 20% of profit. 

It's really hard to find a decent cereal on the market but our kiddos (my husband and I too) LOVE the crunchy texture and cinnamon flavor from Lovebird. Their cereal is organic, grain-free, has prebiotic fiber, without refined sugars.


LoveBird has a few different flavors you can try – my favorite are Cinnamon and Honey

Honey: lightly sweetened with organic honey and a touch of organic coconut sugar for a slightly sweet crunch. Cinnamon: lightly sweetened with organic cinnamon and a touch of organic coconut sugar for a warm, toasty crunch. Cacao: lightly sweetened with a touch of organic coconut sugar and organic cacao for a dark chocolate-y crunch. Unsweetened: organic cassava and organic coconut combine for a warm and toasty crunch.

LoveBird Cereal Cinnamon
LoveBird Cereal Cacao
LoveBird Cereal Honey

How To Get A LoveBird Cereal Discount Code?  

If you’d like to save on your cereal, feel free to use my LoveBird Cereal discount code CAMRYNBYER at checkout!

LoveBird Cereal
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