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By Camryn Byer Registered Nutritionist And Wellness Mom Of Two

Lily and River creates modern children's toys that focus on self-confidence, motor skills, imagination, balance control, and muscle growth.

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Montessori Inspired Play Equipment: Child Development Toys That Grow With Your Little Ones.

We play outside often here in Hawai’i but now I’ve taken my kid’s indoor play to the next level. Logan and Lia absolutely love all their activities from Lily & River. It truly is a special part of my day to see them use their imagination to come up with different ways to play with all the balance toys. These toys are not only fun but also focus on healthy growth development. With Lily & River, your kids can enjoy daily playtime experiences like jumping, balancing, and twisting.

When I incorporate Lily & River into our homeschooling free play days, I’m not only providing them with a fun and engaging way to stay active but also promoting healthy growth and development. These toys are perfect for indoor play, allowing children to burn off *extra* energy and stay active even when the weather is not cooperating. Haha yes I know the weather here is mostly consistent but on those rainy days we stay in.

I love how durable and well made everything is. Bonus for the durability … but they are also safe and made from natural materials, making them the perfect choice for your little ones. These toys are designed to help enhance your children's motor skills and creativity, so you can feel good about the toys they are playing with. Plus, all of Lily and River's toys are American made – from Ohio and California to Italy and the Baltic, they’ve partnered with the finest hardwood, fabric, and steel mills in the world to create everything. These toys are a must-have for all my parents out there looking for high-quality, long-lasting toys for their little ones.


Supporting A Green Earth with Lily & River

You know what's even more amazing? Their commitment to sustainability. Every time you order from Lily & River, they plant a new seedling. How cool is that? Not only are we helping to plant new trees in America, but we're also contributing to the oxygen supply in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific. Trees play a crucial role in cleaning the air we breathe, filtering the water we drink, and providing homes for so many different species. I think it's awesome that by supporting Lily and River, we're not only getting great toys, but we're also making a positive impact on the environment. Let's keep supporting brands that are making a difference!

Today I’ll be sharing My Top Picks which includes the pieces I already have plus my wishlist. 

Save 10% with my Lily & River discount code CAMRYNBYER

Lily & River Reviews
Camryn Byer Hawai'i x LILY & RIVER 7.JPG

Little Steps -$129.95

Little Steps are Montessori-inspired rainbow stepping stones that help children with balance and coordination. Use your steps to create the ultimate obstacle course or hot lava setup. Little Steps boosts children's physical activity and gross motor skill development. Plus, Little Steps benefits playtime imagination and creativity - inspiring Littles to jump and stretch for a full body exercise. For ages 18 months to 8 years.

Little Surfer - $199.95

Camryn's Top Pick!

Little Surfer is a smart balance board designed to help with Littles playtime and quiet time. Stand and twist to practice balance and coordination. Little Surfer boosts physical activity and gross motor skill development. Plus, Little Surfer benefits children's imagination and creativity - inspiring Littles to relax, jump and stretch for daily exercise. For ages 12 mo to 8 yrs. Made with Natural Premium Birch Wood.

Little Gymnast.webp

Little Gymnast -$129.95

Little Gymnast is a handcrafted hardwood children’s low beam designed to help with balance and coordination. It boosts physical activity and gross motor skill development. Plus, Little Gymnast benefits playtime imagination and creativity - inspiring Littles to walk and stretch for a full body exercise. For ages 18 months to 8 years.

Montessori Climber - $249.95

Camryn's Top Pick!

Voted best foldable playground for climbing, sliding, bridges, forts, and more. As your child grows, raise your accessory to advance to the next level. Little Climber is designed to enhance your children's motor skill development, balance control, creativity, and so much more.

Little Climber.webp
Camryn Byer Hawai'i x LILY & RIVER 10.JPG
Lily And River Mat

How To Use My Discount For Lily & River?

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