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By Camryn Byer Registered Nutritionist And Wellness Mom Of Two

The LUMEBOX is a safe and healthy red light therapy wellness device for personal at-home and on-the-go use. 

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Red light therapy has been gaining popularity in recent years as a non-invasive and natural way to improve skin health, reduce inflammation, and even alleviate pain. RLT is a treatment that harnesses the low level power of red light wavelengths (light you can see) or near-infrared light wavelengths you can’t see but you can feel. 

I’ve been on a wellness and healing journey since the birth of our two year old daughter. It has been both rewarding and challenging – for some reason my pregnancy and postpartum with her has been the hardest to recover from. Although I continue to nourish my body with wholesome nutrition and engage in mindful exercise, I still struggle with inflammation. Which is why I've been open to trying different forms of red light therapy.

I’m new to using RLT but the benefits I’ve experienced so far have been amazing! This type of light has the same healing benefits of the sun but in a concentrated therapeutic dose. The Lumebox RLT device has improved my sleep quality, boosted my energy levels, and even helped clear up some of my random hormonal breakouts. 

I’m happy to introduce you all to Lumebox and their competitively priced portable RLT device, designed to deliver the powerful benefits of red and infrared light wavelengths right in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. Say bye to the expensive spa treatments and hello to the convenience of having your own RLT device. 

With Lumebox, you can now enjoy the benefits of this amazing technology without completely breaking the bank. Save $250 with my LUMEBOX discount here.


Imagine having the ability to rejuvenate your cells and enhance your overall well-being with just a touch of a button. Lumebox is committed to providing high-quality and affordable devices that ensure that everyone can experience the transformative effects of red-light therapy


Reduce Inflammation & Pain – Red light has anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce pain signaling molecules


Healthier Skin – Increase collagen production, reduce skin imperfections, improve complexion and prevent wrinkles!


Enhance Performance – Faster muscle recovery, less inflammation and muscle soreness.


Aids Wound HealingThis finding by NASA was what first put RLT on the map, corroborated by evidence of accelerated healing of injuries in Navy SEALs.


Improve Cognition – The brain is rich in mitochondria and studies have shown RLT may benefit cognitive function.

And So Much More - Studies and advancement in this field have demonstrated that near-infrared and red-light therapy devices produce the same benefits that past expensive laser treatments offered.

Don't forget to save $260 with my Lumebox discount - CAMRYNBYER

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