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By Camryn Byer Registered Nutritionist And Wellness Mom Of Two

ProLon is a 5-day program that provides many benefits of a prolonged fast while enjoying tasty food. Tailored to reverse & slow down biological age through a 5-Day fasting mimicking nutrition plan and daily nutrition shakes, bars, and supplements.

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Rejuvenate Your Body with ProLon's 5-Day Program for Longevity!

Everyday we stress and intoxicate our body and mind with our current lifestyle, nutrition, environment we live under. As we age, our cellular capability to detox, recover and heal decreases and older senescent cells outnumber young vibrant cells.


Our ancestors had a natural secret to defend against accelerated aging and to rejuvenate younger cells: proLonged fasting (> 3 days). When fasting, the body uses its reserves (fat and glycogen) for the first 2 days (Intermittent Fasting period) but when fasting crosses 3 days or more (the prolonged fasting period), the body undergoes a next level of ‘protective and rejuvenative defense called autophagy.

Prolon Fast Reviews

In modern days, we accelerate cellular damage and aging vs going into periods of autophagy, recovery and rejuvenation. In 5 short days ProLon allows your body to go into a rejuvenating state, while consuming macro and micro nutrients to keep your body nourished.


After two decades and tens of millions in Research & Development, L-Nutra (a leading Nutri-tech company) and The University of Southern California, led by Dr. Valter Longo were able to identify cellular radars that detect nutrition, called Nutrient Sensing Pathways, and to develop a 5 day Nutrition Program that nourishes the body while the food sensing pathways are not triggered and therefore providing the prolonged fasting benefits.

Prolon provides the body with healthy, plant-based ingredients that have been scientifically demonstrated to provide the body with optimal nourishment while not activating the key pro-aging pathways, or food sensing pathways — pathways which are activated by normal diets

ProLon is the only nutrition program patented for promoting longevity, healthspan & protecting lean body mass.In a clinical study, Prolon is shown over three cycles to help individuals lose an average of 5.7 lbs and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference.

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What Happens On Days 1 to 5 On My Prolon Fast?

Day 1: Transforming to a Fasting State: Your body is transitioning to a fasting state and fat- burning mode, and begins preparation for cellular clean-up.

Day 2: Fat Burning & Ketogenesis: Fast Burning & Ketogenesis: Fat-Burning ramps up, contributing to the initiation of ketogenesis (ketone production). By the end of this day (48 hours),

ketosis may occur.

Day 3: Autophagy Clean Up State: Cellular clean-up (autophagy) Fat-burning and ketone production/utilization continues and increases.

Day 4: Cellular Rejuvenation: Cellular cleaning/renewal & fat-burning You’re in the final stretch.


Day 5: Renewal & Change: Fast completed, cellular renewal continues beyond Day 5.


Prolon 5-Day Program - $175

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Prolon was designed and clinically tested by 18 global universities to nourish your body while inducing the cellular, metabolic, and emotional benefits of prolonged fasting. In three 5-day cycles of ProLon, you can fuel your body into rejuvenation, longevity, and healthy living.

Prolon 5-Day Program

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